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New Year │ New Vintage Things

Belts For the last three years, I've held several jobs other than my vintage one- that vintage one being selling vintage clothing on Etsy. I'm happy to say that I'm back to doing just vintage and am more than ready to focus on that (and of course freelance writing, but that's as natural as breathing so I don't consider it a job), and have the best year in 2023 doing it! I've had a blast writing and working for other companies, but there's nothing like vintage. It took me several years of NOT focusing on vintage to make me realize how much I love it and how much I have to make it the focus of my work to fulfill my goals.  Cardigans I love vintage clothing: selling it, finding it, wearing it, all of it! While I doubled my inventory over the last year, I plan on adding another 25% this year. I just want more things available to people and give them what they're looking for. And the people are looking for quality. With vintage clothing, you're going to f