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Vintage Clothing for Fall Season 2022

I'm sure I mention this every year, but by the time September 1st rolls around here in Northern California, we are beyond ready to bring in the cool, the breezes, and get rid of the heat. We are set to be in the 105+ degrees weather for the next eight days. Fall can't get here soon enough. However, if the weather won't cooperate, then I work on bringing in the fall mentally.  Fall is my favorite season which means the vintage clothing I stock my shop with also resembles clothing you'd find yourself in at a pumpkin farm, on a hay ride, walking in a pile of leaves... you know. All the things I'm dreaming about right now. I've got sweaters by the truckload, jeans, thermals, bandanas, belts, flannels, and plaid to make your heart happy. And mine too. Right now, through September 5th, over half the store is 20% off. Get in and visit today for all the deals! Let's get this autumn started! -HJS