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How to Wear Vintage with Style │ An Etsy Guidebook

 I wear vintage a lot.  As in, every day a lot. This is partly because of three reasons: I love vintage, I collect vintage, and I sell vintage.  Because I'm fully immersed in the vintage world, it has slowly made its way into all parts of my wardrobe. And I couldn't be happier about it. Also as someone fully immersed in this vintage world, I get asked questions about how to wear vintage. Should I wear this? Can I add this piece to my wardrobe? How do I wear vintage? Does this vintage item make me look like I'm wearing a costume? From Instagram to my Etsy store, folks ask me these questions regularly. So I wrote a little guidebook about this topic. And it's now available to purchase! This guidebook is called How to Wear Vintage With Style. It costs as little as a good cup of coffee and it will show you how simple it really is to add vintage to your wardrobe with ease and style. And if you like thrift stores and estate sales, it can be extremely economical and fun playin