Friday, August 21, 2020

It's a Cruel Summer

This year has been far from ordinary. With COVID-19 going on strong for nearly six months, and nothing operating "normally" like it use to, now Northern California has wildfires to contend with -- right after emerging from a heat wave from hell. (112 degrees is no joke.)

Vintage Wool Sweaters
The fires are still a ways away, but that doesn't keep ash from blowing over thirty miles from the ignition spot and into the entire Sacramento region, blocking the sun, inhibiting proper breathing, and giving us even less outdoor time than before.

Regardless, such is life. And when it rains (proverbially), by golly, it pours. The good news is I can now get back to thrifting (it was a joyous day about two months ago when we were allowed back in) and back into buying and selling vintage again.

Lately, the finds have been awesome. It may be because there was a lack of buying from me for so many months, or because everyone went through their houses from top to bottom, due to the Corona virus keeping us holed up in our homes. Or maybe both.

Whatever the reason, I'm happy. I have a beautiful 1970s India-made sundress coming soon. I've only found two of these (in nearly ten years), so I'm thrilled. 

Plus, as usual, I have tons of denim, linen, and wool coming down the line -- just in time for Fall.

Memorial Day is coming with a 20% off sale, so if you have your eye on something, that will be the time to get it!

Thank you to all who continue to support my small business. I love what I do and I thank you "big" from the bottom of my heart.♥