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Vintage Strong

The quarantine may have set the entire world back a month or three, but I have to thank the vintage community for supporting my small business during these turbulent times. denim and linen ♥ While new merchandise isn't exactly available (of course, something I am frustrated with), I'm finding ways around it in creative, new ways. I'm going through my own closet (which is filled with vintage) and selling those items I don't wear. I'm going through my bins of vintage and finding items I hadn't even listed yet. neutrals ... I also have not one but two, friends, donating me their vintage clothing. This is truly remarkable and blows me away. So, the influx of inventory may not be in great amounts but instead in a small, steady trickle ... which I'm so grateful for.  The tortoise wins the race, after all. I'm gonna go with that. this sweater, ◄available! And if there's isn't anything more "slow living" than have