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Vintage Summer │ Vintage Clothing

Summer is basically here, my friends. It's Memorial Day Weekend (an enormous thank you to the fine folks who've died defending our freedom here in the USA) and here in Northern California, we've been able to stave off the swarming heat. It's the warmth that, once it begins, doesn't leave until the end of October. The very end. I feel blessed though, because the rain and cool weather these last few weeks has actually extended our spring by almost a month longer than normal! Hallelujah, people. 1950s suit So now, with warm weather, think cool clothes. And what's better the linen, ladies?  I've got you covered, literally, in every color you need. (Guys, I try to find linen for you ... just more difficult to find. But, I gotchu covered too!) And you've got to see this bathing suit / play suit from the 1950s / 1960s. It's in fabulous condition, and with the sweetest heart pattern. You know you'd look stunning in it. I only wish I ha

cotton linen wool silk │ vintage textiles

Cotton 70s Dress When it comes to having the best, you've got to go back to the basics. And I mean basics with every fiber of my being (pun intended). Cotton, linen, wool and silk -- these are what my shop is made of. They're the most true, authentic and quality of all fabrics. Wool 1960s Sweater Of course, I'll randomly put a polyester blouse is because, come on, there were some awesome ones back in the 1970s. But as a rule (for myself), I try to stay as whole as possible. Year 'round. So I'm always replenishing denim and cotton, and silk blouses. I've got so much linen, they're falling out of my bins. And wool? One of my favorites of all time. It's true texture: gritty wool-tufted sweaters, soft cashmere, alpaca wools -- the textures are diverse, their wear-abilty is versatile ... unlike any other fabric. Visit the shop this summer and spring. I stock as much cotton and linen as possible. And it's sells just as quickly! Hap