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Vintage Spring Separates

Spring is here! And I'm bringing in short sleeves, short pants and short skirts of all kinds. But I'm  always bringing in lightweight long sleeves, too. There are some days, in spite of the warmth, that long sleeves still need to make an appearance with your outfit. Because ... short sleeves need a run for their money, a little competition if you will; a little reminder that come Fall, that's all you'll be wearing! And pants, well. Although I tolerate shorts, let's just say, I'd rather wear the longer shorts (i.e. pants!) So, if you're anything like me, I've gotchya covered. This outfit combo is a military, olive drab green pant with an oxford top in pale blue. To me? Blue and green make the best look. Cool greens, comfy blues ...they're an amazing color combination. And with something like this, you've got a gorgeously cool outfit. I'm a sucker for men's vintage military pants and men's style shirts, so this outfit is pre