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Whole Lotta Love │ February, Seasons of Transitions

February is a tough month, mentally. I'm not talking relationships here, I'm talking about clothing. Sweaters versus lightweight spring items, to be specific. It's like this: We're still in the middle of Winter, sweater weather, yet I know Spring is coming. And I need to stock up on other things, things other than wool and sweaters and jackets, for the shop. This means a huge majority (i.e. ALL) of my jackets and sweaters are on sale right now and will be for almost the entire month. Like this dreamy olive green cardigan. This is so I can make room for new inventory. The problem is, I love wool and thick sweaters, and blankets so it's tough to know we're leaving this season for shorts, lightweight shirts, t-shirts, and dresses. And yet ... I LOVE this too! So, let's be obvious here: it's really the best time to be shopping at my store. All the amazing sweaters and outerwear are on sale -- things you can still wear for at least a few more mo