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Vintage Blankets │ Vintage Warmth

Military Throw Selling what you love tends to make for very happy shop sellers. And like anyone who strives for happiness, and as a shop owner, I want this happiness. It makes any and all work ... not work at all. Take blankets, for example. I love blankets. I hoard them like a nut-hoarding squirrel. And yet, I really have no room for any more which means I hunt for vintage blankets for you. Just found this gorgeous olive green military blanket, and I often come across these.  So naturally, I list them as frequently as possible. I also love the baja blankets, the horse blanket, Mexican style ones. They come in gorgeous pastels as well as more primary colors, and everything in between. I sell tons of them and try to list them as often as possible. Mexican Throw These blankets are great as a throw over a chair, sofa, or even a bed. And they double as a great stadium or picnic blanket! A blanket can instantly liven up a neutral room, making it homey, warm and c