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Autumn Arrival │ Labor Day Weekend

While it sure doesn't feel like Fall here in Northern California, I'm thinking about it. And to be honest, I'm usually thinking about Fall year 'round. I crave this season probably because it's so short for us and probably because it's the perfect season. Perfect because I can add layers, and with these layers come the textures, and generally, Fall means I can frolic in the cooler temps because ... that's just plain fun. It's Labor Day Weekend and the shop is 20% off.  I've been sourcing as much denim and wool as possible, and am particularly on the look out for warm, cozy sweaters and worn-in-to-perfection Levi's jeans. I'm happy to report the shop is stocked! So come on by! Visit Perennial Vintage today and prepare for the best season where the bright colors of summer have faded to a softer hue and the trees begin to whisper down their leaves, and the perpetual desire for warm drinks is only a cup away. Happy end of summer and

Minimal Perfection │ Vintage Wardrobe

Having a small set of minimal and basic clothing items in your wardrobe allows you to have an extremely large one. How is this so? Because of the ability to mix and match everything together. I just got back from a cruise vacation where I over packed. And by over-packed, I mean didn't even wear a third of what I brought. The sad thing is I knew this while I was packing, but there's always that "just in case" fear which made me include things I didn't need. Just recently, a wonderful friend of mine and I recounted our ten-day trip to Italy where we had the smallest of wardrobes in our tiny suitcases... and it was the best vacation ever! I never felt like I didn't have something creative to wear. I brought 4 tops, 5 shorts/skirt/pants, 1 dress, and mixed and matched those pieces for 10 days. Less is more. And those fewer items -- if they are basic and minimal but beautiful -- blend well with other coordinates of the same caliber. I'm sticking to my

Vintage Summer │ Vintage Clothing

Summer is basically here, my friends. It's Memorial Day Weekend (an enormous thank you to the fine folks who've died defending our freedom here in the USA) and here in Northern California, we've been able to stave off the swarming heat. It's the warmth that, once it begins, doesn't leave until the end of October. The very end. I feel blessed though, because the rain and cool weather these last few weeks has actually extended our spring by almost a month longer than normal! Hallelujah, people. 1950s suit So now, with warm weather, think cool clothes. And what's better the linen, ladies?  I've got you covered, literally, in every color you need. (Guys, I try to find linen for you ... just more difficult to find. But, I gotchu covered too!) And you've got to see this bathing suit / play suit from the 1950s / 1960s. It's in fabulous condition, and with the sweetest heart pattern. You know you'd look stunning in it. I only wish I ha

cotton linen wool silk │ vintage textiles

Cotton 70s Dress When it comes to having the best, you've got to go back to the basics. And I mean basics with every fiber of my being (pun intended). Cotton, linen, wool and silk -- these are what my shop is made of. They're the most true, authentic and quality of all fabrics. Wool 1960s Sweater Of course, I'll randomly put a polyester blouse is because, come on, there were some awesome ones back in the 1970s. But as a rule (for myself), I try to stay as whole as possible. Year 'round. So I'm always replenishing denim and cotton, and silk blouses. I've got so much linen, they're falling out of my bins. And wool? One of my favorites of all time. It's true texture: gritty wool-tufted sweaters, soft cashmere, alpaca wools -- the textures are diverse, their wear-abilty is versatile ... unlike any other fabric. Visit the shop this summer and spring. I stock as much cotton and linen as possible. And it's sells just as quickly! Hap

Vintage Spring Separates

Spring is here! And I'm bringing in short sleeves, short pants and short skirts of all kinds. But I'm  always bringing in lightweight long sleeves, too. There are some days, in spite of the warmth, that long sleeves still need to make an appearance with your outfit. Because ... short sleeves need a run for their money, a little competition if you will; a little reminder that come Fall, that's all you'll be wearing! And pants, well. Although I tolerate shorts, let's just say, I'd rather wear the longer shorts (i.e. pants!) So, if you're anything like me, I've gotchya covered. This outfit combo is a military, olive drab green pant with an oxford top in pale blue. To me? Blue and green make the best look. Cool greens, comfy blues ...they're an amazing color combination. And with something like this, you've got a gorgeously cool outfit. I'm a sucker for men's vintage military pants and men's style shirts, so this outfit is pre

Spring Weather │ Spring Knits

The weather has turned ... and it is wonderful! As I write this, it's supposed to be a blessed 72 degrees today. Can't be more thankful for it, too. The first official day of Spring is in a few days, and to celebrate, my whole shop is 15% off right now, through the 20th. I've got so many linen blouses listed, I'm beside myself. And Summer knits? Just tons. I realized that I didn't have to give up my love for sweaters when I had short sleeve Spring sweaters to take their place! Good heavens, the colors in these are eye candy. As usual, I've got belts, jeans, denim shirts, guys and gals things, knit blouses, skirts, shorts. I even have winter sweaters too, lots of them as I know other parts of the country still have a ridiculous amount of Winter weather to go through before the push of Spring temps. It's never to early to begin thinking about Spring, so make your way over and see almost 600 items of vintage goodness ready to ship. Happy Spring

Whole Lotta Love │ February, Seasons of Transitions

February is a tough month, mentally. I'm not talking relationships here, I'm talking about clothing. Sweaters versus lightweight spring items, to be specific. It's like this: We're still in the middle of Winter, sweater weather, yet I know Spring is coming. And I need to stock up on other things, things other than wool and sweaters and jackets, for the shop. This means a huge majority (i.e. ALL) of my jackets and sweaters are on sale right now and will be for almost the entire month. Like this dreamy olive green cardigan. This is so I can make room for new inventory. The problem is, I love wool and thick sweaters, and blankets so it's tough to know we're leaving this season for shorts, lightweight shirts, t-shirts, and dresses. And yet ... I LOVE this too! So, let's be obvious here: it's really the best time to be shopping at my store. All the amazing sweaters and outerwear are on sale -- things you can still wear for at least a few more mo

Vintage Blankets │ Vintage Warmth

Military Throw Selling what you love tends to make for very happy shop sellers. And like anyone who strives for happiness, and as a shop owner, I want this happiness. It makes any and all work ... not work at all. Take blankets, for example. I love blankets. I hoard them like a nut-hoarding squirrel. And yet, I really have no room for any more which means I hunt for vintage blankets for you. Just found this gorgeous olive green military blanket, and I often come across these.  So naturally, I list them as frequently as possible. I also love the baja blankets, the horse blanket, Mexican style ones. They come in gorgeous pastels as well as more primary colors, and everything in between. I sell tons of them and try to list them as often as possible. Mexican Throw These blankets are great as a throw over a chair, sofa, or even a bed. And they double as a great stadium or picnic blanket! A blanket can instantly liven up a neutral room, making it homey, warm and c