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Black Friday Sale │ Perennial Vintage

Hello all! Guess what? It's raining here in California! Couldn't be more thrilled. It's putting out the horrendous fires and giving us water for our perpetual drought. The rain dance worked!  I'm so thankful for the rain and I'm thankful for you. In fact, that Black Friday sale is happening now because I'm so thankful. And in order to prep for this sale, I added 125 new items in the last two weeks! I've been busy. And I'm ready for you. ♥ The whole store is 25% off right now (Black Friday is 30% off!) through Small Business Saturday and even Cyber Monday--and for you USA folks, all orders over $150, get free shipping. So, enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat lots, and tell your friends and family that you love them ... then head on over to find all your vintage needs at Perennial Vintage . ◄ Thank you again for supporting my little business and letting be get to do what I love. Happy Thanksgiving. -HJS

Vintage Life

Fall is in full swing and though it's warm here today, I'm praying for cool weather and getting ready to do a rain dance. I'm ready to celebrate Fall. As in, NOW! Anyway, I'm scouring my usual haunts for the best merchandise. As noted in the picture, sweaters and button downs and leather in browns and golds and dark tones are in tow (as I write) and I'm only going to be adding more. My favorite season deserves the best I can give especially when it's not acting as it should. Ahem. Mother Nature! Regardless, I'm wearing the sweaters and boots and I hope that acts as a promoter of seasonal changes. Also, did you know that My Little Pony is 35 years old? See, I know you're wondering how this relates. It doesn't. But, it's vintage, so there's that. And back in 1983 I was seven years old and this was my dream toy. So, to hop into Target and see the exact same toy -- thirty  five years later -- is both heartening and disheartening a