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Free shipping │ Shop Update

I've never done free domestic shipping in the shop before. I've had plenty of sales, and plenty of different fun things, but never free shipping. Well, STOP THE PRESSES! I'm happy to say, there's free domestic shipping going on over  there ◄ and it's going to continue through the 3rd of November! Get a jump on your holiday shopping and head over to Perennial Vintage on Etsy   today before the free shipping event is over. I'm actually going to start MY Christmas shopping this week, too. I have a goal of being done with Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving (really, Nov 15th, but I'm giving myself some leeway) so I can thoroughly enjoy December, and Santa, and Nativity, and all things Christmas (Egg nog is included, FYI). And also in case you were wondering, and especially if you weren't, I plan on doing a bit of online shopping and I'm going to look like this-- pup on my lap with one hand on her, and the other on the laptop. Happy shoppin

Vintage Belts │ Vintage Love

In my last post, I talked about finding your key vintage "piece" to go alongside your outfit. Your key "piece" enhances your look (because you look unique), allows you to incorporate vintage into your modern vibe (the whole point), and makes you  look amazing (bonus!) Belts are one of my main go-to vintage pieces (other than sweaters). And I've talked about how things find me in waves in the past. It goes without saying it still holds true. The last two weeks have been belt heaven. Men's belts. Women's belts. Kid's belts. I'll go week -- months -- without finding a single belt to sell (or keep, as may be the case) and the last two weeks, I've found about two dozen that are amazing. I'll be selling most of them and they're in the shop --or will be in the shop-- in the next few days. Also, the belts I sell are USA-made. The best kind. If you've never bought a vintage belt before, you should. It's simple to make sure