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Mixing Vintage into your Wardrobe │ Vintage 101

In my world of vintage-buying and vintage-wearing, I get a lot of people asking me two things:

1. Where do you find your vintage? and
2. How do you wear your vintage?

The answer to the first question is simple. I find my vintage in thrift shops, and estate sales, and if I'm lucky, I have people giving me their vintage!

That last one is a blessing and a reward, really. I not only get to deal with vintage clothing and sell it, but these wonderful people hunt for me and give me their finds (and/or they just want to get rid of aunt Verna's things who passed away. That's fine too!)

To you folks, I'm beyond grateful.

The second is simple, too. And it has to do with blending. As Peg Boggs from Edward Scissorhands once said, "Blending is the secret." 

My wardrobe is a mish-mash of new and old. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

To wear vintage (and pull it off without looking like you're in a costume) it's a matter of taking key pieces, whether it's a scarf or belt, and adding it to your modern outfit.

Nothing wrong with looking like you're in costume. If that's what you want.

But for me, I like to bring the past into the present. I tend to wear (hoard) sweaters and cardigans. So come winter, almost all the sweaters I'm wearing are vintage. My key vintage pieces are cardigans and sweaters. And your key piece is the first half of your outfit.

Or take these Levi's for example. I live in and love and sell vintage denim. And no joke, just a few days ago I was looking at the Levi's catalog online and wanting some 501s that were straight leg, not skinny, to prep for winter with my boots.

Coffee and Denim = my two faves
But, me being the vintager that I am, didn't want to pay retail, nor did I want to buy new. I have a particular pension for vintage Levi's (USA-made kind) that are made from 100% cotton, and cotton that isn't quite what they use today.

Guess what I found the next day? Not one, but two, vintage '80s 501s women's jeans that were in my size exactly. In the last eight years, I don't think I've ever come across vintage 501s in this exact size, my size, with the perfect inseam.

It's miraculous. And amazing. And all a part of the manifesting concept that I believe in. If you want something, believe in it, and it will happen. But patience and timing are a part of it all, and being willing to wait --in gratitude-- is really what allows it to manifest.

Try adding a vintage piece to your wardrobe, and start small. Maybe you find a vintage bracelet you like or come across a killer vintage purse. These are your key pieces that complete your outfit.

And make sure you absolutely love it. Because that's the other half into blending the outfit. If you think you look amazing, you do. And others will notice and believe the same.

Guys, this goes for you too. Find that key denim shirt or vintage bandana, and your look is complete. I have some acquaintances who have the perfect key vintage jacket, and that's their signature piece!

Whatever you love, go for it. Add it to your modern wardrobe today and watch your normal outfit become an outstanding one.

Hope this helps and comment below if you have a question! Or if you'd like, tell me your key vintage piece that makes your look the perfect one.



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