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70s denim │ Vintage Groovy Denim

These jeans. Sigh. They're perfect. In the '70s perfect sort of way. Wide leg, flare at leg opening, high waist, two cute front pockets. Yeah, that kind of perfect. They're a little distressed, which makes them even better. And as of now, still available, in the shop, right here. ◄ I mean, look at the button, and there's a duplicate one on one back pocket. Then there's the Scovill zipper. Come on now, this is what vintage dreams are made of! This blanket also is awaiting your sofa or chair, or for that chilly Autumnal night on your bed. Such a beautiful color palette, 100% wool, and of course, USA-made. Available  here ◄. The Labor Day Weekend Sale at my shop begins early, on the 29th of August, and runs through the 3rd of September. 20% off the entire store! Time to pick up any late summer goodies as well as stock up for Fall. That word alone brings excitement to my soul. ♥ -HJS

Autumn Wear │ Vintage Wool

Coming this week! One of my favorite fabrics is wool. And unless it's super light weight, like a gaberdine wool, you can't wear it until fall in most places in the US, but especially here in Sacramento where the heat can be suffocating and eternal. So, when I begin to see thrift stores setting out their wool sweaters, and thick cardigans, puffy warm jackets, and cozy flannels, I smile. A lot. Even if the temperatures are near the century mark in degrees of heat --  like today -- I  flourish with happiness poking through the sweaters, finding the thickest, most quality wool. I'm in my own little heaven. Coming soon! This blanket was too good to pass up (probably not wool, feels like a nylon/acrylic blend). The colors within each rainbow dial are deep and rich. I'd keep it for myself, but I know it's not for me. This belongs to someone else. I can feel it. In fact, I get that notion with each piece of clothing I pick. Even if the item fits me, or I