Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Red Wing Iron Rangers │ Red Wing for Women

For Christmas, I got a pair of boots that I'm over-the-top thrilled with.

Yes, they're Red Wing. And yes, they're Iron Rangers!

Okay, my husband has one pair of Red Wings. Not because he wouldn't have more, but because the Iron Rangers are it for him. That is ALL he wants. He could never own another pair of boots other than the Iron Rangers for the rest of his life... and he'd be set. Forever. So, going with that stellar review, I knew my next pair had to be them.

Unlike my other ladies Red Wing, and unlike my Wolverines, these are definitely a bear to break in. The way these are cut and put together (extremely well put together, per usual), the leather takes hours of wear and treading just to get to where it may want to mold to my foot.

And then, give it another month or two to actually soften and mold to my foot, and they may be ready. However, I've worn them enough now that the molding has already begun and I know in a few months, they'll love my feet like we were a match made in heaven. (Just in time for summer, no less, but alas. I'll be ready for them in the fall.)

While Red Wing does make Iron Rangers specifically for a woman's foot, I had read reviews of unhappy ladies who thought the leather wasn't as durable, or even comparable, to the mens' version.

So, I got the mens' version. Naturally.

I didn't want to work any less than a man would breaking them in or in reaping the rewards of top-quality leather. And I'm sure they had legitimate reasons for using different leather. But, gosh, if my husband loves his the way they are, then I wanted what he had. (i.e I'll have what he's having, thank you very much.)

They have a  gorgeous style. The black leather is my favorite (It sorta hearkens back to my days with Doc Martens, like in the early '90s. But, that was the beginning of my boot love, and that was also a very long time ago ... yikes.) The cut and stitching make them sharp and almost dressy, yet  relaxed. I can wear these with skirts or dresses or jeans and shorts -- making it work with whatever I choose to wear.

If you (gents or gals) are on the fence about getting a pair of Iron Rangers, it's time to get down. That fence don't need to hold you no mo'! These boots are one of the most beautiful and durable of all my boots from Red Wing that I've owned yet.

They are my favorites. Until my next pair, of course ... (no actually, they really are one of my favorites.)



  1. Hi! Stumbled across this looking for the iron rangers. But I have to ask, what jeans are those? I have a hard time finding selvage jeans that are so perfectly skinny the way yours are. Thanks!

    1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely hear your sentiment.

      Okay, these are by Gap, and they came out about 2 years ago.
      They are the "slim straight" jeans, and the reason they fit so well is the fabric content:91% cotton/ 7% polyester / 2% spandex

      The problem now is that I can't find them anymore! I so need another pair to replace these -- so much so that I have an alert from ebay that if my size comes up, I'll buy them!

      So, good luck. I hope you find them. I'm seriously sad I didn't buy more when I had the chance. Who knew they'd be so great, you know?

      I've bought other selvedge denim, from J Crew to RailCar, but as you know, womens selvedge is hard to come by. These Gap are the best, and they weren't expensive!

      Hope this helps.

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