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Vintage Pendleton Shirts

I probably write a post about vintage Pendleton shirts every year. And the reason is two-fold. 1. I wear them all the time. They're my favorite wool (not even the new Pendleton shirts can compare) and I love plaid like crazy. So, I'm never not going to wear them. 2. I sell Pendleton all the time. I've joked to my friend Lara that I should call my shop "Overalls and Hawaiian Shirts," because I sell those things the most. But, let me add Pendleton shirts, to that list too. If I could find them more, I'd sell them just as fast. Like me, others know why vintage Pendleton are amazing: they're quality.  Listen, I love the Pendleton company. Even their stuff of today. But, I can't say I'll go out of my way to buy their new product. The moment they shipped their USA manufacturing to Mexico, the quality changed. I know some say the wool is the same. But it's not. And it's the way it's manufactured. It's difficult to explain, but

Vintage Denim │ Vintage Levi's

Levi's jackets I have a huge weakness for denim. Mostly vintage Levi's. (There's the occasional Gap or Lee's that get thrown in when I'm treasure hunting for the shop). For me, I wear vintage Levi's. The quality is second to none. Gap jacket Which means WHEN I come across it, I will stock it in my shop. What kinds of denim, you ask? Dark wash, light wash, denim jackets, jeans, even denim dresses. And yes, denim overalls. I have the ever-popular overalls that just won't quit. Which, in my book, is a good thing. 501s So, come on over. I've got your vintage 501s, I've got your trucker jackets. Visit here ◄ And I almost always have denim overalls. (They sell out so fast, I have a hard time keeping them in stock, but I list them when I find them!) Happy autumn, denim lovers. -HJS