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Vintage 40s Dresses

K. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I've actually been FINDING '40s dresses, in actual thrift shops I frequent, that I can actually buy. It's surreal. There are times and seasons in this vintage world where what I'm looking for becomes extremely hard to find. Out of reach. Elusive.  I seriously have to contend with my heart whether or not I can handle never finding another 40s dress, and if I'm okay with it. Of course, I am. I have to be. But, it makes the joy of finding these treasures even better when they reappear. Just for me. Last week, I found this amazing 40s house dress. Happened to pick up some new used (modern) Camuto leather pumps beforehand without knowing how well it would match this '40s beauty I found thirty minutes later. Love it when that happens. But then ... it gets better. I found another '40s dress just today, at a completely different thrift store across town from the other one (although I SWEAR they were owned by the sa

Vintage Dresses │ Never say Never

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I say two things all the time: 1. Never say never. 2. Timing is everything Think you'd "never" do something based on your likes or dislikes? Think something will "never" happen because of your situation? Think again. I find that whenever I say "never" it's due to pride. My pride. Either it's because I'm living a "holier than thou" moment and think I'll "never" do something based on what I see others doing or have done, or I'm saying "never" because I've already been through something and I'll "never" do, deal with, have, go, own, like, etc -- fill in the blank -- whatever it is I'll "never" participate in.  Or it's because I have no faith in a great future. Meaning, my view is the only view. Pride. Plain and simple. Two things I pretty much always said "never" to was a dress (I didn't wear dresses

Vintage Hawaiian │ End of Summer

I love vintage Hawaiian like I love coffee. A lot. And you know what's so awesome about getting invited to luau-themed party and having all this vintage Hawaiian to wear? GETTING to wear it! Guess who got invited? Yep. As did the rest of my family. And I am able to dress them accordingly from my personal collection and some from what's currently for sale in my shop. Now, you don't need a luau to wear these gorgeous things. Everyone loves Hawaii everywhere. But, it sure does help to have a party to go to! Need some aloha in your life at the end of your summer? Want to throw an awesome luau but want a little something for you to wear to it? Get it here! ◄ (mens or womens) I seriously love vintage Hawaiian, I stock and sell vintage Hawaiian like you wouldn't believe (it's easier to find here on the West Coast) and I wear it. Now, get yourself a Mai-tai, peruse my shop for your perfect vintage Hawaiian, and say aloha to the end of summer. M