Saturday, May 20, 2017

Levi's 501 Day

Did you know that May 20, 1873 was when Levi Strauss & Co began?

Well you do now!

144 years later and their 501's are still going strong.

If you're just a little bit curious as to the history of Levi's Strauss, click here to see a great pictorial history via the Levi's site.

If you want a little more of the nitty gritty, then click here. It goes over the wonderful, rich history of the family and its denim, interspersed with details of the ups and down, and failures and successes of the Strauss family. There are other links there too, with more information to feed your need for Levi's knowledge.

Levi's is sort of my history, strictly because of my birthright.

Being born in Northern California is the only necessary prerequisite.

I fully comply. And I full qualify.

Speaking of ... I recently found some beautiful vintage selvedge 501s.

Want a little  backstory about it? Want to find some 501s of your own? Then click here to read a little article I wrote about it at a great site called, One Upped Magazine.

Happy 501 day and if you'd like to do a little vintage Levi's shopping, may I direct you kindly to my little Etsy shop ◄ with mens and womens vintage goodness.


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