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Levi's 501 Day

Did you know that May 20, 1873, was when Levi Strauss & Co began? Well, you do now! 144 years later and their 501's are still going strong. If you're just a little bit curious as to the history of Levi's Strauss, click here to see a great pictorial history via Levi's site. If you want a little more of the nitty-gritty, then click here. It goes over the wonderful, rich history of the family and its denim, interspersed with details of the ups and downs, and failures and successes of the Strauss family. There are other links there too, with more information to feed your need for Levi's knowledge. Levi's is sort of my history, strictly because of my birthright. Being born in Northern California is the only necessary prerequisite. I fully comply. And I fully qualify. Speaking of ... I recently found some beautiful vintage selvedge 501s. Want a little backstory about it? Want to find some 501s of your own? Then click here to read a little a

Vintage Hawaii │Vintage Aloha

Here on the West Coast, Hawaii is a favorite spot to travel to. It's like the Bahamas to the East Coast. What's amazing, is that Hawaiian clothing has a provenance, which means you can almost trace the history of Hawaii with the clothing. From the early '30 and '40s fabrics to the barkcloth of the '60s, even the surf shirts of the '80s, all of them tell a story. I've joked with my friends that I should really call my vintage shop "Hawaiian Clothes and Overalls" because I sell those items the most! Regardless, it's that time of year when many are thinking of summer vacations, and I have a feeling there'll be an uptick in Hawaiian sales in my shop. Here's a few for sale right now! Want to see more? Click here to see all my Hawaiian items for sale. Okay! Gotta jet. There's a Mai Tai waiting for me! Aloha...