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Vintage Levi's

So, I'm in the process of writing an article near and dear to my heart for a really cool site called OneUpped Magazine. The article has to do with denim, and Levi's, and vintage. Basically, all things perfect. And together. Trifecta perfection. Type 3- Big E Levi's Denim Jacket But to be honest, I'm still trying to come up with the angle and direction I want to go with the article and writing other things close to what I should be writing usually helps out. A lot. Meanwhile, as I work on that, the vintage denim Levi's I sell in my shop, usually flies out the window. But, I do have an awesome Type 3 jacket still available. Isn't it gorgeous? If it fit me, I'd be keeping it. Anyway, check out my shop for regular denim inventory. And if there's something specific you want me to look out for, let me know! Email me. -Heather