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Vintage Plaid

A good writing rule of thumb is to write about what you know, or in my book, what you love. I love vintage dresses, so I write about them. I love vintage plaid, like men's plaid shirts.  So, here's a little word about them right now. See this shirt? I was supposed to sell it. But, a men's vintage small plaid usually means it's my size, so naturally it doesn't make it to the shop. It only makes it as far as my closet. For all you size small men's vintage plaid, I'm profusely sorry. I'm wearing this shirt right this second, I love it, I get tons of compliments on it, and it's mine. ( I'm sorry!!) Then there's my husband. I bring home vintage Pendleton flannels in wool, and the ones that are his size, end up on his side of the closet. Lucky for MANY of you vintage-men's-large-plaid-flannels wearers, my husband is he needs longer sleeve, so many a times, these older larges just don't fit. Then t