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Vintage Dress Love Affair

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you that I'm having a serious love affair with vintage dresses. I've been in love with them for years, but it has been growing. Big time. And I'm at that point in the story where the two star-crossed lovers have met -- and are still forbidden to meet -- and then meet again --sometimes in secret, sometimes not. (I may or may not secretly thrift shop too, as in "when I'm not supposed to.") That's how I feel with these dresses. Finding (thrifting, estate-sale-ing, word-of-mouth or otherwise) a vintage dress ( from say the 1930s through the 1960s ) is hard enough. But when I find one that fits me? That's practically like wining the lottery. Twice. Here's a small sampling of dresses I've found in the last few months that fit. I find plenty that don't fit me and they end up in my Etsy shop, which you can find right here! ◄ When they fit, it's the best! They don't make dresses quite like