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Olive Green Love │ Drab Green Vintage Love

Okay. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you what my favorite color is: it's olive green. I wear it religiously. I love it like an addict. And if I could wear it every day, I would. But that would mean military, and I'm not cut out for that (Seriously, I'm not that brave... thank you men and women of the armed forces! You are amazing). But, doesn't mean I can't love it. And not wear it. I do love it. And I do wear it. And I love camouflage just as much! And if you look at my Instagram feed (link ◄) you'll see it (along with denim) as a staple wardrobe color. Like this: ↓       It's also a color I'm UBER drawn to when vintage hunting, therefore, it ends up in my shop. Like, all the flippin' time. So, if you like this color as much as I, check out what I have in my shop. ◄ And here's a sample of some of it, because I love seeing the color so much. :) Like this awesome jacket:  ◄   And these amazing o