Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wolverine and Me

I sort of stumbled upon these boots about a year ago (thanks to my husband) and honestly, they're the best boots I've ever owned. They are Wolverine.

I talked about them in a previous post ◄and since then, my list grows with another five (of Wolverines) I want to acquire.

They sell mens and womens boots and also fun other womens shoes and boots. Seriously, if I'm being honest, I might take one of each of everything.

This week, though I don't normally like to give reason to wear down some of my favorite shoes, I had to wear these beauties along my coastal trekking.

Wolverines fit right into the Pacific Northwest scenery, like they were meant for this place.

Like here ...

And here ...

And here ...

And here, too ... wait. No, not here. Here, I'm in my socks. And comfy.
(Boots ARE in the background though ... and so is beer).

Like here... Okay, this time - I know. This time, I HAD to deal with a pair of Red Wings. But, they kind of go well together. Especially these ones. (Sshhh. Don't tell Wolverine!)

(Btw, I'm wearing a vintage Levi's denim jacket here and new Levi's denim jeans here. Love blending the new and old!)

I've come to the conclusion that Wolverines go really well with coffee and the outdoors.

Clearly, I love the right boots.

Check out Wolverine now ◄ to discover some of the best boots you'll ever meet...

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