Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sweater Love │ 25% off all Sweaters

I literally have an addiction to sweaters. I own a lot of them. And they sit on my shelves staring at me, waiting to be worn.

Which is incredibly ironic because I live in California. Northern. Which means we do get some seasons.

But, not the season that warrants wearing these wonderful woolly things regularly. It doesn't seem right.

I buy mostly for my shop. But because of that, I habitually buy them, even when I don't need any more for the store.

So I buy ones like this:

And this:

And coats like this:

And I don't have room for these. I really don't. I'm bursting at the seams.
Which is never pretty.
And I have tons (okay,  more than one) of men's sweaters and coats, too.
So, that's why I'm having a 25% off all sweater and coats sale. Go here ◄ and check it out!

I need to clear all my Winter inventory to make room for Spring and Summer wear.

Get these awesome deals before they're gone!

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