Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vintage Pendleton │ The Best of the Best

Okay, so I talk frequently about my love for Pendleton, more specifically, vintage Pendleton.
There's a reason or two for this.

1. Pendleton is one of the best quality outdoors-wear clothes maker. And have been and will (hopefully) always will be. (I do have issues with their "assembly in Mexico" now rather than USA made -- which leads me to 2.)

2. Vintage Pendleton is made better than new. I know others may disagree. But after years of buying and selling vintage Pendleton, I'm sorry... there's no debate. They're made with better quality materials and are simply manufactured in a far better manner.

3. Men's vintage small Pendleton fit me like a glove. But over the almost six years of selling them, you know how many "smalls" I've come across? Maybe two. The one I'm wearing in the pictures (and am keeping) is one of two.

I have a theory as to why I don't find small ... all the wives/girlfriends of husband/boyfriends who own Pendleton STEAL them for themselves. This is an obvious conclusion.
Has to be the reason. I mean, they fit so well.

Enjoyed my time in the Tahoe snow! I have some Pendletons still in the shop ◄ despite Spring approaching. They'll be gone soon though so get 'em while you can!

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