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Vintage Sweater Dresses │ 1960s Vintage Dress

'Tis the season for sweaters. 'Tis the season for holiday dresses. 'Tis the season to wear sweater dresses-- particularly since they are so back in. This vintage dress is amazing. The color is a mustard yellow, which is not a "holiday" color, per se. But, add cranberry red and black to it, plus gold accessories, and this becomes a perfect Christmas party dress. And for me, add black patent shoes -- heel or flat -- and you've really made a statement. Dress is for sale! Here: ◄   Have a great Thanksgiving friends! I'm so thankful for you, and all of my friends and family. I'm thankful for God's blessings everywhere I go, too. Remember to thank and love those closest and nearest to you. Life is short. And here's something I want you to do: Tell the people you love that you love them! Very simple, yet very easy to forget. -HJS PS. My vintage shop, Perennial Vintage ◄ is having a 20% off sale November 26

Vintage Capes │ Holiday (Faux) Fur

I was going to write this really cool little post about this awesome vintage fur cape that I just listed in the shop. Except that it pretty much has now sold. (Lara, you're the best!) So, I'm going to plan B which is to still blog about how awesome this little cape is and hope I find more to put in my shop! (You know I will. Hello!) The color on this thing, perfection. The cut on this thing, perfection. The vegan fur awesome-ness (though there is SOMETHING to be said for real fur), perfection. Fur (real or not) is practically a winter/ holiday essential. So, cozy it up ladies. And I'm going back out to find more faux fur capes ... faux real!

Vintage Halloween │ Creepy Vintage Dresses

I'll admit it. I've come across some strange vintage clothing over the years. Particularly dresses. Don't know what designers have in mind when they mix patterns that don't belong within a two-mile radius of each other, or add accents like cotton ball shapes made of fabric, or fringe that never should've been fringe, but more like shag carpet. Regardless, there are also beautiful, perfect, vintage dresses too. And then there are the, "Where in the heck would I wear this one?" kind of dress. That's this dress. The one that looks like a widow would be wearing it. A dress for Sally Skellington. A dress for a funeral, or perhaps a really creepy cocktail party. Or the perfect dress if you're Wednesday Addams . YES!  Moral of the story? There really is a dress for all occasions. And sometimes, that occasion is on Halloween, in the dark of night, where only pale people tend to thrive. They may be named Morticia, or Elvira. Or maybe eve