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Autumn │ Sweater Weather

Just got back a week or so ago from a New England trip. My first. The best! And won't be my last.  Boston is my new favorite city.  The weather was mild for October, but still cooler than Cali. It was literally perfect. Which meant that when the trees looked like this in Vermont, ↓ I was able to wear this. ↓ And when it looked like this in Kennebunkport, ↓ I was able to wear this. ↓ And when THIS happened (which happened more than a few times) ↓  Then naturally THIS happened. ↓ Coffee and Camo. Fixes everything. Have a great week friends! Pic 2:  Boots: Wolverine Pants: Target Sweater: Vintage Pendleton (NFS but I've got others similar here ◄) Pic 4:  Sweater and Plaid Shirt: Also, part of my vintage collection  (but more for sale here ◄) Jeans: Target Pic 6:  Camo shirt, Tommy Hilfiger Shoes: Target Bag: Filson