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In the Shop │ September

So, here in Sacramento, things stay pretty warm throughout most of September. This is fine and dandy for all of us Californians until the actual first day of Fall arrives, and everyone -- I mean everyone, including myself -- gets worked up into a frenzy wondering, When will this heat end? And I just want to wear pants and boots! And Why can't we just have some seasons around here?

Yeah. We're pathetic. Really whiny at times, too.

Well, guess what? I baked an apple pie in hopes this would usher in Fall (not at all because I want to eat this delicious thing that one could equate to heaven) and behold... this morning, it felt like Fall. Like for reals. The crispness. The it-won't-go-past-80-degrees- mark. And the I-can-wear-boots-and-not-die-of-heat-stroke, feeling.

Fall is here. And in my shop, Fall is here too. I'm ready. Stocking up and stocked up.

Take a look at what's going in or has gone in this weekend then visit the shop for more.

Happy Autumn everyone! And partake of apple pie if you can. Heck, come on over. Any excuse to make more pie is great with me. I'll be waiting.


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