Thursday, August 27, 2015

California Bohemian │ Vintage Fringe Vest

When you think of California fashion, what do you envision?

Relaxed, casual, bohemian, rugged? A conglomerate of styles?

That's pretty much my wardrobe. A little bit of everything.

This outfit is a little bit of all that, too. And of course, some vintage thrown in for good measure.

Can't stress enough how an outfit can really pull together perfectly with a single vintage piece.

In this case, it's the vest... clearly. And it's the best piece of the outfit (to me.)

Shoes: Minnetonka
Bracelets: Target
Jean Skirt: Target (Similar)
Top: Target  
Fringe 70s Vest: Etsy (still available!) Here's a similar one. And here too.◄

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