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Vintage 70s Boehmian

Have you seen the latest fashion awesomeness at Tory Burch? I have. And it looks a lot like vintage seventies Bohemia. While we don't all have the necessary funds to purchase Tory Burch, you can find comparables that are just as beautiful. And we can always dream to acquire TB glory, right? This one ↓ happens to be a vintage Vera Neumann. I know. Those are about as rare to find as it is for me to purchase Tory Burch. (Though, I have purchased a few items...just saying. Save up for a TB sale. Worth it!) But, this one is literally from the early 70s. And here we are in 2015 and the style is back. Just as all fashion in cyclical, so too is this style. I love it . Blouse : Vintage Vera Neumann ◄            or Similar here ◄ and here ◄ Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger, Similar here ◄ Shoes : Lilly Pulitzer

California Bohemian │ Vintage Fringe Vest

When you think of California fashion, what do you envision? Relaxed, casual, bohemian, rugged? A conglomerate of styles? That's pretty much my wardrobe. A little bit of everything. This outfit is a little bit of all that, too. And of course, some vintage thrown in for good measure. Can't stress enough how an outfit can really pull together perfectly with a single vintage piece. In this case, it's the vest... clearly. And it's the best piece of the outfit (to me.) Shoes: Minnetonka Bracelets: Target Jean Skirt: Target (Similar) Top: Target   Fringe 70s Vest: Etsy (still available!) Here's a similar one. And here too.◄

Bloglovin' │ I'm Lovin' it

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   - Want a super way to to keep all the blogs you love to read in one simple place? Well, if you've never heard of Bloglovin', then you're missing out on a way to simplify your life. Big time. I've been using their site for a while now, but am finally figuring out how it all works. Plus, there's a Bloglovin' app◄ so you have no excuse when you've got five minutes to check out your faves and see what they're up to! Bloglovin' is like a one-stop shop, that brings all your favorite blogs in one place, when you're ready to read. Set up an account today and you'll never miss out on your favorite blogs (and find new ones!) but you'll always get to read them on your own time-table . Hello. You've just saved so much time you can go get that cup of coffee and order that vintage shirt you've been wanting on Etsy . Go here to Bloglovin' ◄ to get set up today!

Vintage Dresses │ Why Wear Anything Else?

Okay. So, that title is a bit sweeping and not entirely true. But as I've mentioned once or twice, vintage items are usually not only made better but timeless (meaning: hold onto it, wait a decade or two and you can wear it again.) And rather importantly, (depending on your tastes maybe one of the best attributes) vintage usually entitles you to the "no one else will be wearing this" crown. That alone is enough to make me want to wear vintage.  Now listen. Target is pretty dang fabulous. And so is Old Navy, and every other store, low or high end. But when a few zillion of us fashion peeps are out there wearing the same thing, it's a little ... weird. Robotic. Stepford Wives-ish. So take ten minutes, I tell you. Run into your nearest consignment or thrift store. Seriously. Ten minutes. I can guarantee you will probably find something awesome, different and probably for less than ten dollars. Ten minutes for less than ten dollars pretty muc

Oregon Coast │ Summer Getaway

Never been to the Oregon Coast? Well, you need to. The Pacific Northwest is undeniably perfect. And the PNW beaches are even more perfect. So, while I don't want to age myself here, let's just say that for over thirty-five years, I've been coming to the coast several times a year and the visits never get less beautiful. Only more. Still not sure? Maybe I need to do a little reverse psychology like I use with my boys. Perhaps that'll convince you. The family pics never turn out right. The lighting is horrible. The food is disgusting. Picnics on the bluffs at the beach? Don't even try. You'll never have a good time. The views -- night and day -- are awful. The kids never want to be outside! It's like pulling teeth just to get them to move. Did I mention the views are horrific? Yeah. Disturbing.  So take a trip to the west and then go up north. You won't regret it! (Want to rent