Monday, July 6, 2015

Vintage Love │ Vintage Wrap Up │7.03.15

Yeah, so this was one of those tops.
One that I picked and loved the second I laid eyes on it.
And when it fit, I knew it wasn't going to leave my closet.
The colors. The cut!
However, if I find more, I will share. 
And list them in my Etsy shop. 

Yet another reason I love vintage, I get to play pretend.
I get to pretend I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan, when I'm not.
Okay, so perhaps I could be. And should be. I have a few friends 
from there or are living there. Enough reason to like the Bears
over the Niners, I suppose. 
Niners, I still love you ... when you're playing
like you should. Which, well, it's been a couple of years guys ...

It is summer. But I don't for a minute forget my true love:
Cool weather (notice I didn't say cold because California 
doesn't know what cold is - most unfortunately). This sweater would be
perfect in true cold weather. Like New England. Or Wisconsin.
Or Iceland, where this sweater was hand-knitted and made.
Gorgeous fair isle perfection here.
Like how I paired it with shorts here? Ha. 
When its in the 80s upstairs in my house, 
and these pics are necessary,
the shorts are a must.

Happy July friends!

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