Monday, July 27, 2015

1960s Vintage Skirt Set │ My Vintage Addiction

This was one of those outfits I was supposed to sell.
But, I listed it and it didn't sell right away. So I unlisted it and now I'm wearing it.
It's all so very simple. And yet, I tried to complicate things by selling it. Silly me.
When the vintage dress fits, wear it! 
( ... and then maybe later sell it).

I kind of like how this ↑ whole thing ↓ turned out.

While this one isn't for sale, I have plenty more in my Etsy store.
Visit Perennial Vintage ◄ to see it all!
And read a little back story to my Etsy beginnings with my new post on Society Letters
to which I'm a regular contributor.

Have a great week friends!

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