Tuesday, June 16, 2015

San Francisco Fun │ Fort Point Lighthouse

Last week, we jetted to SF for a fun day to get out of 
the valley heat here in Sacramento.
Gorgeous day there, to say the least.
Went to the Disney Museum, Coit Tower,
Golden Gate park and Fort Point Lighthouse and then some.

Random fun fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with lighthouses.
It's been this way for over a decade.
Probably has to do with the book I've written and rewritten
three times and am still working on. Regardless, I have a life-long love for them.
And always will. There's only, oh, about seven hundred 
more I need to visit in the United States. That's all.

Had to visit Fort Point at the Golden Gate.
The fort is amazing and the lighthouse is wonderful
in its own way. 

Lighthouses are a lot like people.
All different. 
And all capable of helping others
get to where they need to go ... be a lighthouse!

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