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Napa Valley │ Silverado Resort

Every year, my sisters and mom and I head to the Napa Valley to get to a spa and relax. It's like the one -- and only -- day of the year that I get away from my boys.  Which, is weird, I'll grant you that. And I miss them. But, it's nice to feel like a girl every now and then. This spa, Silverado Resort and Spa, is amazing. Perfect golfing, exquisite spa, fantastic hotel.  You can't do better than a backdrop of Napa Valley, too. Visited the Mondavi Winery. One of the biggest and best. Gorgeous grounds. Can't wait to get back to Napa. Visit if you haven't. It's one of the top destinations in the world.  

San Francisco Fun │ Fort Point Lighthouse

Last week, we jetted to SF for a fun day to get out of  the valley heat here in Sacramento. Gorgeous day there, to say the least. Went to the Disney Museum, Coit Tower, Golden Gate park and Fort Point Lighthouse and then some. Random fun fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with lighthouses. It's been this way for over a decade. Probably has to do with the book I've written and rewritten three times and am still working on. Regardless, I have a life-long love for them. And always will. There's only, oh, about seven hundred  more I need to visit in the United States. That's all. Had to visit Fort Point at the Golden Gate. The fort is amazing and the lighthouse is wonderful in its own way.  Lighthouses are a lot like people. All different.  And all capable of helping others get to where they need to go ... be a lighthouse!    

Vintage Wrap Up │ 6.13.15

Hey friends! Hope your weekend is going great. I missed last week's Vintage Wrap Up, so you get the best of two weeks instead. So, I found a black embroidered tunic to go with the ten others that I have.  It's almost like they're searching for me to find them. Hello! I now have (in the shop) all the colors of the rainbow and then some. This is the 60s dress I found last week. I said I would probably sell it. Thing is, sometimes that just isn't true. (Though, it is rare) I sell almost 99.9% of everything I plan on selling. Occasionally, I have to hold on to one a little longer. This dress is a part of that .1%  I also found this little 60s number, too. They were next to eachother,  sitting so pretty on the rack. Clearly, the previous owner had them both. Clearly, now that I am the current owner, I will be holding onto these both as well. It would be sad to break up the set, right? That .1% has increased to .2%.  It's not

Vintage Dresses │ I Can't Say No

The title of this post says it all. It helps that I sell vintage dresses.  I don't have t o say no. To any and all of them. Which, these kinds of dresses are getting harder to find. And when the vintage dress fits? I wear it, of course. I'll probably sell it, too.  LOVE this dress. The cut, color, sizing- everything. It is perfect. (Oh, and the pool shots are what I'm really doing during the shoot. #truth)