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My son graduated from middle school this week. I found a killer vintage dress. An awesome online mag printed any article I wrote. All around, it was a pretty great week. So, this post is cornucopial in nature. Here's my gorgeous, graduated son. Here's that awesome vintage dress I found. Hello, Jackie O. Yes, it 's for sale. Click here ◄ to find it! And Mamalode printed an article I wrote about boys, my lovely two boys. It's short and sweet, and you can find it right here. ◄   Have a wonderful weekend. Last one in May!

Vintage Wrap Up │ 5.22.15

This is a late post. But, we're in a holiday weekend. It all evens out. Below are some of my favorite finds this week. Happy Memorial Day, friends. Thank you to all the men and women who have died for our wonderful country. We acknowledge and thank you.   This jacket. This gorgeous, gorgeous jacket. This thing is the find of the week. It's the tiniest bit big for me,  which is the reason I'm selling. But, holy wow. It's gorgeous. Late 60s, it's literally one of the best jackets I've come across in the last five years.  Love vintage Hawaiian dresses. This one? This one is for your little Hawaiian princess. Roughly a size 6, and it makes me really wish I had a little girl to dress. The colors alone say "Aloha."   Who doesn't need a good sleeveless shirt this summer?  Or two or ten? This one is brand vintage new.  Still has the tags, circa 1980s. Cotton, super lightweight, and the tangerine orange

Vintage Wrap Up │ 05/15/15

Hey my friends, it's Friday! This week was rather quiet in the vintaging world. But that's alright. I found a few quality items. And almost always, quality is better than quantity. I'm sure there's an exception or two to this rule,  like chocolate and coffee, but other than those two, I believe this rule holds very true. I cannot keep these Baja hoodies on the shelf! They're gone in days, if not hours, and they are the one thing people ask for more of. This one, oh wow. The royal blue in it. My favorite color.  Should be keeping this one (I know, I say this every week to many items).  Here's another item that sells out fast. Overall shorts. They're so back in, super comfy and they go with everything. I'd sell a pair everyday, if I could find them just as quickly. And if you're from the 1990s, like a teen or twenty-something during the 90s, you'd know that we called them shortalls. Ha. So,

Vintage Wrap Up │ 05/08/15

I do realize that the rest of the world writes the date like this, 08/05/15, but I don't want to confuse my fellow Americans. So 05/08/15 it is. Lots of fun finds this week. Here's a few of the highlights, plus my best find of the week.  Who doesn't love a good bow bracelet? From the 1960s no less. This one is adorable. I probably need to test this one out, you know, a few times just to make sure it fits right and everything. Ha.  I'd like to imagine Jackie O wearing this because it's from the late 60s, maybe early 70s. Such a cute top. I'm getting really good at the whole "testing" things out. This one fits great. :) You all know about Lanz, right? Austrian company, been around for about a hundred years? This skirt is from the early 70s. Gorgeous print, still has the tags ON THE SKIRT. Never been worn. Of course this fits me and of course I should be keeping it. Therefore, I&#

Just Another Day │ McKinley Park

Here's some fun at McKinley Rose Garden in Sacramento. Goofing off. It makes me smile because there was a whole lot of laughing going on. Gorgeous day. It's Friday tomorrow, gang. Make it a good one.   -HJS This is the most ridiculous and fun picture ↑    

Vintage Calvin Klein Denim │ Wearing It All Again

Calvin Klein. Now, there's a classic. It's everywhere. And it's been around for over 45 years. Since 1968, to be exact. I regularly find Calvin Klein when I'm thrifting. Calvin Klein that I used to wear. Like, a couple of decades ago. Ah, good old dependable fashion. It's living up to its' name and reinventing itself every twenty years or so. Making us all feel old. Anyway, here's a great jacket. Love it. And as usual, I had to break it in. (a.k.a I wanted to wear it because it fit me, so I had to wear it a couple hours, take some pictures and now I'm good. I can sell it.) Buy: Calvin Klein Jean Jacket, womens medium ◄  

Vintage Wrap Up │ 05/01/15

There's something about this week that has been utter chaos.There's like there's 10,000 things to do, and I can do not-a-one of them right. I can tell you that vintage, selling vintage, being surrounded by vintage is always right. So, there's that. I love it. Love the clothes. And it brings me happiness. Gives me something else to do so I don't go crazy. Writer's are crazy. You do know that, right? Yeah. We work alone, we think to ourselves, dialogue runs in our heads all the time, scenarios contrive themselves out of literal situations. It's really sad. And yet, there is no other thing out there that makes me feel alive and happy the way writing does. Wait, except for vintage. But clearly, we've established that. And you know this. Anyway, here's some of the things I listed this week at my Etsy shop , and in it is my best find of the week, as well. Enjoy. Happy May 1st! Okay. So I found THREE of these beauties. Embr