Friday, April 17, 2015

Vintage Wrap Up │ Vintage Pendleton

I realize that perhaps, just perhaps, a week doesn't go by that I don't list a Pendleton of some sort. It's a part of my life now that probably will never leave. Pendleton is West Coast, after all. Pendleton is beach, mountains, and desert. And thankfully for Sacramento, or not, we're all of those things -- or pretty darn close to them.

So, other than the mandatory Pendleton listing, here's few vintage finds I listed this week in the shop.

 My husband makes these amazing bracelets. This one is camo. And it's not vintage. The only item in my store that is not vintage, right now. If I didn't have one of my own, I wouldn't be selling this one. But, I do. Of course. So here. One for you. Double wrap awesomeness.

Okay. I also realize we're going into Spring, but vintage duck boots, yeah. You just don't pass those up.

And I probably don't go a week without listing a Hawaiian piece either. Look at this dress. Royal blue too!

And then there's overall shorts, or shortalls, if you will. Back in. Biggest seller. And perfect for spring and summer.

 And then there's the Pendleton. The distressed Pendleton. I want to keep it.
But, I won't. I have Pendleton issues. Badly. And do you see how incredible this color green is with white?
Holy Moly. In love.

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Camo Bracelet
Duck Boots
Hawaiian Dress

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