Monday, April 6, 2015

Hole-y Grail │ Vintage Levi's Plaid Wool

Finding vintage anything is hard. Finding vintage from the 1950s, even harder. So when this amazing shirt -- one I almost passed by -- caught my attention, my heart stopped.

I noticed the tag first, before the plaid. That tag! Then I saw the condition of the shirt.

Um. This shirt wins the award for the most distressed shirt I have ever seen. And not only seen, but BOUGHT and am now selling. But, you have to understand. Finding vintage shirts, wool at that, still somewhat "assembled" is difficult. But, Levi's ... I mean, that's California history. Who cares if it's lovingly patina'd.

So, here's the shirt. I may keep it. Okay. Probably not. But, I got to wear it once. And now I pass this gem on to you.

Vintage 50s Levi's Shirt, at Perennial Vintage

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