Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sacramento Sunrise │ You're a Hard Habit to Break

They say it takes three weeks to make or break a habit.
I say it's a lie.
Because really, you have to desire the change (more than not changing) if you
want the habit to stay or leave.Three weeks has nothing to do with it.
I say this because I was reminded this morning while running
how much I dislike it.
True, I've come to love (okay, maybe like) running more every day. Again,
that may be because I've forced myself. Made myself keep this habit.
But, running is still annoying. It hurts. And I marvel at the people
who run marathons, or ultra marathons --and love it.
Yet, over this last year (almost two), I have come to depend on running.
My six a.m. wake up call --stumbling out of bed into the dark room,
trying to put my pants on the right way, hating the cold or the heat depending on the season--
none of that matters
once I have music in my ears and I'm out in the cool.
Running allows me to filter out the details and dilemnas,
desires and dreams,
problems and praises of everything in my life.
So, this has actually become a habit that I both hate
and love at the same time.
Some habits are like that.
And some habits are hard to break.
Really, really hard.
But, here's hoping I keep this one.

Loved the sunrise this morning.
I think clouds make everything pleasant.

 I love the clarity of the first picture.↑
But, I think this one ↓ more accurately describes life.
Blurry, out-of-focus, and still beautiful.

Friday, March 20, 2015

A River of Warmth │ Unity Alley Boutique │ American Made Blankets

Have you ever come across clothing, or home goods, or accessories (or even people) that are above and beyond what you expected? And after marveling at their awesomeness, you quip the obvious and inevitable question, "Where have you been all my life?" and then "Why haven't I known about you?"

Yeah, well this just happened to me with these gorgeous blankets and throws, by Unity Alley. I'm literally in awe at their beauty. And that they're made right here in the USA is the icing on the cake. Plus, these throws are made of organic and/or  recycled cotton-acrylic yarns.Absolutely gorgeous texture and feel. Very soft, very quality-made, very unique.

The size is perfect, too. Great as a throw for the sofa or chair, and works equally well for a twin, double and even a queen bed. It's on our bed right now and matches perfectly. This pattern is called Two Twirls.

Honestly, I want more of these blankets. I can't get over the American made quality behind it. I support local, I support small business (partly because I'm both, and yes, Unity Alley is on Etsy as well) and I especially support USA made products. You guys, these blankets make great gifts (for yourself!) and you can have them custom made as well with your own logos, designs or brands. Plus, there are baby and kid sizes. (They thought of everyone, here).

Visit their website right now ► Unity Alley. I guarantee you will want one of each and then some.

Be social -- find Unity Alley on:


Along with the blanket, the morning was gorgeous too...

Applicable Song: You Go to my Head, Billie Holiday

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Style │ Vintage Blend

I found this adorable vintage embroidered bohemian blouse last winter and couldn't wait to wear it. Apparently, Winter in California means "Spring." So today, with a high of 82 degrees, this top is perfect.

The vintage cut and style is one of my favorites and pairs exceptionally well with distressed jeans.

Happy Sprinter everyone in California!

Jeans: Target ◄
Top: Vintage Thrifted find
Anchor Necklace: Candy Couture Shop ◄
Applicable Song: Pretty Little Thing, Fink

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sweet Water Decor │ Hand Crafted Wall Art │ Etsy

You have heard of Etsy, right? They're the online site that hosts thousands of small companies who sell hand made items or vintage items.  I sell on Etsy (vintage) and I know how amazing Etsy and all the shops and stores are. There's a lot of hard work and love that go into running one of these stores.

So, imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this little shop called Sweet Water Decor. Sweet Water Decor creates hand designed wedding invitations, coffee mugs, stamps and wall art. And when I saw these adorable designs -- ones that fit perfectly in my son's bedroom -- I had to have them.

This is what Sweet Water Decor says about their prints. "Our printable art is a great way to have an inexpensive print that is a final touch to a desk, bedroom, kid's room, nursery, or anywhere around the house. It's a constant motivational pick-me-up every time you look at it. What's great about our print art is that you can purchase it today and print it out, add a frame or some good tape, and voila! A beautiful piece is ready to be admired."

I couldn't said it better myself. And right now, for you readers, there's a special deal just for you. 
Buy 1 get 1 free with code BOGO2 at checkout.
Get to Sweet Water Decor ◄ and see what they have!
Incredible design, gorgeous craftsmanship, quality decor.
You won't be disappointed.
My son's room just went from a little kid's room to a 
bigger kid's room, all thanks to them.
I'm seriously impressed.
Thank you Sweet Water Decor!

Click below to find Sweet Water Decor on social media

Look at their awesomeness. Little Warrior is my little man to a T.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vintage Alpaca Cardigan │ My Weakness

Therapist: "We've talked about this before."
Heather: "I know. But, I just couldn't help myself. There it was."
Therapist: "Again, we went through this, Heather. No more cardigans for you."
Me: "I know, but ..."
Therapist: "You know how these get you bent out of shape, you end up keeping every one, and this latest one," he looks at his notepad and shakes his head, "This one is Alpaca. This is the absolute worst. The most addictive kind. I thought you had gotten through this? I though you had this beat."
Heather: "But, the color! And the texture. Oh my gosh. The texture. You don't understand."
Therapist: "But I do. You've only told me a thousand times," his eyes widening in exasperation. "I -"
Heather: "And this one," she interrupts, not waiting for him to finish, "this one, was for a store HERE in Sacramento, about fifty years ago." A tear rolls down her cheek. "I had to rescue it. I just had to. You see the predicament I was in."
Therapist: He looked at her over his glasses. "You weren't suppose to go back into a thrift store."

Heather nods, aware how devastating the situation really is, then proceeds to calculates her next thrifting trip.

This is how the convos go in my head at the thrift store.
No joke.
Okay. Perhaps this is a bit dramatic.
But it's close.
I've said this before, "Hello, my name is Heather. And I'm addicted to men's vintage cardigans."
This is another amazing one.
And it's available right here.

Appropriate musical quote, that I can equate to this cardigan and other things in my life:
 "Don't you ever say, I just walked away, I will always want you ..."
Wrecking Ball, M. Cyrus

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Temple Coffee Roasters │ Coffee Heaven

I finally made it to Temple Coffee Roasters,
If you live in the Sacramento area (or even if you don't)
and you haven't been, and love coffee,
you absolutely need to go. There are three locations.
I went to the midtown location. Just beautiful.
And for my tea lovers, they have tea!
Temple knows what they're doing.
Voted last year by Coffee Review (the world's leading coffee guide),
And yes, their coffee is that good.
Strong, but not to where you can't taste the coffee.
And the variety of coffees is extensive.
I took a bunch of pictures, but I only liked a couple of them.
This is the other one that made the cut.
For obvious reasons. Look at his face?
If that doesn't say, "Mom ..." from a 14-year-old boy, 
then I don't know what does.
My sweet son, enduring me and my pictures.
All for the sake of coffee and photography.
Good things, albeit, but not what he likes right now.
Ah. I'll change him.
I just know it.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Distressed Denim │ Distressed Life

♦Disclaimer: I don't usually wear my heart on my sleeve. Or preach. Today, you get both.♦

Life isn't clean. It's messy. It's ugly. It's downright painful. And distressed beyond belief sometimes. But, without the pain, you'd never know the pleasure. And going through "stuff" is essential for growing. Growing up. Which, I'm finding, we all have a natural tendency to not want. Because, good heavens, that means we have to be accountable, right? Accountable to truth. That actions speak louder than words. That we can't do whatever we want without it leading to something that could be good ... or bad. That what we do, everyday, affects everyone around us and ultimately, our selves.

Even if it's not visible to others, we all live distressed lives. But this distress is normal. And it's tough. And sometimes this distress is in a form of loss, or hurting, or pain, or grief. Some of this is inflicted on us without our choice, and other times we are in complete control of inflicting it upon ourselves. Which is tragic.

Guilty as charged.

But, I have to remind myself that I'm human. And it's okay to be a disaster. We all are. And God knows this. Which is why He sent Jesus to save us ... to save us from our stupid, simple, selfish, human, and normal selves. Jesus was perfect. But, during his time on earth, he felt every human emotion, feeling and action, from joy to grief, that we go -- and have gone -- through. And this gives me hope. Because, I'm a hopeless mess.

I'd suggest reading about His life if you know nothing about this incredible human. Grab a Bible. You can find them in almost every store, including thrift stores, or grab a free app. There's like, ten thousand of them.

Read the book of Matthew. The whole thing. It's 28 chapters. It's the first book in the New Testament (there are two sections in the Bible, Old and New Testament). And Matthew is roughly fifty pages worth. If you have time to read this blog, and zillions of other time-wasting things, then you've got time to read this. You may be thinking, "If I have to hear one more thing about Jesus, I'm going to barf."  Okay. Fine. Barf then. And when you're done, come back and sit down and read the book of Matthew. 

You may not like any of it. You may hate it and stop reading after two sentences. Or, you may love it. But listen. I can say, without a doubt, you will NEVER read about another man like this Jesus.

If anything, you'll see distress at it's lowest and highest and thank God for your life when you're done reading. So, embrace the distress. Sometimes, even if we don't like it, it's exactly what we need.

The picture: This is a real life picture of me. I was taking pictures for my Etsy shop -- for this shirt actually -- and just went through / heard something really tough. Tough for me. The camera's self-timer was on, but I began to cry. This is rawness. And I hate this picture. With a vengeance. But, it's life. It's me. And I wanted to show you me at my lowest, because sometimes, I feel like Instagram is a snapshot of perfection.

And I'm so, so far from it.

Distressed denim, with a distressed Pendleton shirt, on a very distressed me. Life. Yet, I couldn't have coordinated this. I mean, this happened without planning. The shirt which I found that morning, with the jeans I bought the day before, and then me.

That's making good out of the bad, I guess. It created this post. And I hope that's a good thing.

Jeans: Target
Shirt: Vintage distressed Pendleton
Me: #justplainddistressed - I'm fine now.
But some things, events, some people, will be with you -- in your heart or mind -- forever ...
Applicable Song: Habits (Stay High), Tove Lo