Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day in the Life │ Vintage Lover

So, we all lead busy lives. Me, I'm one of those who works from home. I write and I sell vintage. All of that can be done in the comfort of my own home, at the time I choose.

This is good, when I need to grocery shop (which is constantly with two growing boys) and when I need to go to the gym. Or hey, when I need to be domestic and be home, yet again, to clean the house and do the laundry. Or help out in my sons' classrooms, or field trips, etc.

Thing is ... when you work at home, you have to be motivated like heck to actually ACCOMPLISH anything. I mean. I'm the one telling myself to do what I need to do, right? Who else is going to tell me? I'm my own boss. Which is what I want. But, it is hard staying motivated, particularly after a trip to Hawaii.

Yet, I'm the type of person that can do this when I have a list to check off, so that at the end of the day I don't have to make things up when people ask, "What do you do all day?" I can tell them the truth, like I wrote twenty pages. They're crap. But I wrote them.  Or I waded through dirty, used clothing to find gems. Vintage treasures. (And, yes. I love doing this.) And when I find those gems, it makes everything worth it. (and you can find them here !◄)

So here's a literal snap shot of some of what I do. My day is as varied as a snowstorm in Hawaii. (Which does happen, at the top of the mountain on the Big Island- FYI).

I spend quite a bit of time with this camera... all for my shop on Etsy. I know what you're thinking. Try not to look so happy! Actually, I am happy here. So ecstatic to take a selfie. Blech ...
This is a good day of finds at the thrift store. The colors and textures! The best.
This is what I face when I have (me forcing myself) to sit down and write. Or edit. Or both. And hash through the crap, to find the good. Or as Stephen King says, "kill the darlings" to get the gems. Kind of like what I do at a thrift store...

Me, doing a little clowning around with the product I find. Sometimes I end up in the pics for the vintage pieces I sell. Most of the time, not. But, it's fun trying everything out / on and pass these items on to other people who appreciate them like I do.

 Again, this is only a few pics. But, it gives you an idea. :)

Just so you know, and it case it isn't obvious, I'd rather be here. Ha! And Aloha. ☺

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  1. Love this! I miss it too. Let's hop a flight together. The kids and hubby's wouldn't miss us right? ;)