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A Day in the Life │ Vintage Lover

So, we all lead busy lives. Me, I'm one of those who works from home. I write and I sell vintage. All of that can be done in the comfort of my own home, at the time I choose. This is good, when I need to grocery shop (which is constantly with two growing boys) and when I need to go to the gym. Or hey, when I need to be domestic and be home, yet again, to clean the house and do the laundry. Or help out in my sons' classrooms, or field trips, etc. Thing is ... when you work at home, you have to be motivated like heck to actually ACCOMPLISH anything. I mean. I'm the one telling myself to do what I need to do, right? Who else is going to tell me? I'm my own boss. Which is what I want. But, it is hard staying motivated, particularly after a trip to Hawaii. Yet, I'm the type of person that can do this when I have a list to check off, so that at the end of the day I don't have to make things up when people ask, "What do you do all day?" I can tell them

A little Aloha │ Vintage Hawaiian

If there's one trip you need to make, one place you need to visit before you die, one place you have to head to so you know that Heaven on earth exists ... get to Hawaii. Any island. Any time of year. By yourself or with a group. You won't regret it. Just went with my family, my boys first Hawaiian trip. It was beautiful, relaxing and perfect. Best part for me, I didn't have to cook, clean or work. Not being a servant, cook, maid and chauffeur for a week was as heavenly as the big island I was on. Top week of the year for me and for probably the rest of this year, too. Aloha! This vintage beauty will be in my shop soon! I couldn't pass up the chance to wear this one while I was in paradise.              

Pretty Little Things │ Candy Couture Shop

I just found the best little jewelry shop. They're called Candy Couture Shop. Their necklaces are amazing. All of their jewelry is amazing, but their necklaces have worldwide notoriety. Did I mention everything is handmade? Yeah. No factory here. This is American-assembled, American-made goodness. And for me? It's a local business. Can there be any other reason to love them? I'm sure there are a dozen more reasons, actually. But those will do. For now. I ordered an "H" necklace for me, since it had been years since I had one of these. I'm seriously in love! And as with most necklaces, it will probably stay on my neck until I change it to the next one. Do you love necklaces like I do? Like layering it up? Well, I have a coupon just for you. Candy Couture Shop has a Necklace club. Meaning you pay a one time price, one time -- that is good for the entire year (or they have a 3 month or 6 month plan) -- and you get a necklace EVERY month. But, I can make it

Snickerdoodle Saturday

I've been into baking for as long as I can remember. Not just cooking, per se. Though I love cooking --I cook all the time, love it, and learn from it. But, it's baking. Baking is what I love. Cakes, cookies, beautiful things that I shouldn't eat, but want to make. That's what I love. Snickerdoodles are easy. Simple. And yet, some of the tastiest cookies ever. And they go with everything. Seriously, everything. Glass of milk, red wine, meatloaf dinner... add a snickerdoodle with or after, you're set. Need a cookie to serve an unexpected guest? Snickerdoodle. Need a cookie to fill that middle of the night craving? Snickerdoodle.  (fill in ANY time of the day here, really) Need a gift to give? Make Snickerdoodles. Want to pay down your credit card debt? Pretty sure Snickerdoodle currency is accepted ... maybe. Point being, make them. You won't be disappointed. Ever. And everyone will think you're the most amazing baker ...  here's a great recipe

Thrifted Denim │ New Cargos

Just thrifted this Calvin Klein CK denim jean jacket. My gosh! I love this jacket. I use to have one just like this --dare I say it -- almost twenty years ago. Yikes. Let me say this: Calvin Klein is timeless. Therefore, that MUST make me just a little bit timeless. Right? Ignore those wrinkles ... Jean Jacket: Calvin Klein, for sale in my shop, Perennial Vintage ◄ Camo Cargo Pants : Do you know how hard it is to find camo cargo pants right now? Really hard. Go to Amazon ◄ to find them. Netted White Sweater: Costco ◄ I know. Seriously? Yeah. Costco. Couldn't pass it up. Go in store.

Non-Superbowl Superbowl Sunday

Yeah, so... I have family in Washington State. You'd think I'd be all pro-Seahawks and what not for yesterday's Superbowl game. Not so. So not so. Seahawks beat the Niners last year, and it won't be forgotten. So, the game this year was of no interest to me. Instead, I hung out with my family, drank coffee, ate lots of bad junk food and snacks, watched a few commercials, and ignored the others, and cheered when the Patriots scored. My parents back yard is killer, so it was far superior to hang here (with 68 degree weather) than wonder if Katy Perry was lip-syncing. Hope your day was good, that you spent it with friends and family -- by far, the more important thing -- and that you have a wonderful week. The backyard. It's the American River, a part of history, where the Gold Rush of the 1850s began in California. What my oldest was doing during some of the Super Bowl ... What my youngest was doing (eating) ... or what I was wanting to do to m