Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Casual Day in Dreary Fog

You know, I really should be grateful. California is so-drought ridden that fog -- and all it's necessary dampness -- is really a good thing. It moisturizes every green (and brown) thing around us.

But, fog is also an in-between weather. It isn't rain, it isn't dry, so it's this drizzly, droplet-coated sky and air thing that seriously messes with one's hair, particularly if it's long.

But, as I previously stated, I must be grateful. The moisture is good. If we don't get rain, then by golly, I'll take the dam(p) stuff.

This little number I'm wearing works well for the fog. Sure, the sandals are out, which is kind of absurd in the middle of winter. And most other places, like say Philadelphia for example that has snow, sleet, and rain -- pouring rain -- well, they don't get to wear sandals.  But here, in California, you really can wear sandals or flip-flops almost year round. Except for when it rains, which as I said, is not today -- I'm going in circles here this morning. Must be the fog. Because my brain is in it too.

Now, where'd I put my coffee cup ...

Sweater: Nordstrom
Jeans: Forever21
Sandals: Forever21

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