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Out with the Old │ In with the Outtakes │ End of Year

I am totally guilty. Of taking pictures and only putting the best ones out there. But, this is natural.   I mean, wouldn’t you do the same? This is what photo editors (real and the app-variety) are for, after all. Ugly faces, weird glances, crazy movements. None of those create a pleasant picture that anyone would want to see whether it's your personal Instagram page or the ads of Vogue. Unless you're being funny. In that case, it's most welcome. I take a lot of pictures. I mean hundreds if not thousands some weeks. Mostly for the clothing, I sell at my Etsy shop and sometimes for my Instagram page, or both at the same time. With the one good picture, trails a mile long of the hundreds of awful ones. And the blurry ones. And the ones where my eyes are closed. I want to show you the real me below, with photos I've taken this year. The pictures I chose not to print. What ended up on the cutting floor, like what editors do and what millions of people do when

Vintage Little Red Dress

Okay. So, in the fashion world, there's all this talk about the Little Black Dress (LBD.) Always. And how every woman needs to have one (or two or five) of these in their closet at all times. I would agree with this. One always needs a backup Little Black Dress. Or not so backup, center-of-attention LBD. But, every women needs the little red dress, too. The poor red dress gets little --to no-- attention. And really, it's a serious, legit go-to dress. You should consider wearing it far more often than you do. While you can wear black to nearly every event, here's a quiz you can go through when you you need to decide if red is more appropriate: It's Valentine's Day, red or black? Um, Obviously red. It's raining and cold out, need to wear something to a birthday party, red or black? Red. Liven up winter. You know you're going to run into your ex -- your ex best friend that is -- picking up the kids at school. What to wear? Red. She'll be seeing

The Vintage Cape

Cape Fear. That's what I have. Not that I fear capes, but that I will turn into a cape-loving lunatic. Ever owned one of these things? Yeah. They're nothing like any coat you've ever owned. No joke. About the second you put one on, a few things infilatrate your body and mind, and it goes something like this: 1. I think I might just look amazing in this, I mean ... 2. Is this what super heros feel like? 3 Because this cape has got me like, "Hi! Say hello to Super Girl," that also is a bombshell because 4. I also feel like a vintage movie girl, i.e. Bond meets Hitchcock, heroine. Wanna feel like a million bucks? Invest in a cape or capelet. Or both. Like the two I've listed here and just listed in my shop. You won't regret it. Vintage 60s Cape Vintage Capelet Vintage 60s Wool Blend Cape    Vintage Capelet

Vintage Holiday Dresses

This post should be titled: Why I need an add-on closet. Why? Because there are some days when I want to keep many-a vintage things I find. Or all of them. But, I don't have the room. Don't have the time. Nor the place to wear them. And much like Vanna White, I only wear my dresses once. Okay. So that last reason is completely not true. But, the vintage dresses I tend to find (or want) are always dressy -- which makes them that "one-time-only" kind of dresses. Take this holiday dress. I fit both it and I have no place to wear them. Going to Starbucks in them could happen. But, to say I was overdressed would be such a gross understatement. Barista: "Wow, that dress is awesome. Where are you going?" Me: "I have to return some socks to Target." Barista: "Oh." Such a disappointing scenario. So, what's a girl to do? For me, I take pics to sell the dress at my shop on Etsy (which is awesome on so many levels) and then

Vintage Sweater Dresses │ 1960s Vintage Dress

'Tis the season for sweaters. 'Tis the season for holiday dresses. 'Tis the season to wear sweater dresses-- particularly since they are so back in. This vintage dress is amazing. The color is a mustard yellow, which is not a "holiday" color, per se. But, add cranberry red and black to it, plus gold accessories, and this becomes a perfect Christmas party dress. And for me, add black patent shoes -- heel or flat -- and you've really made a statement. Dress is for sale! Here: ◄   Have a great Thanksgiving friends! I'm so thankful for you, and all of my friends and family. I'm thankful for God's blessings everywhere I go, too. Remember to thank and love those closest and nearest to you. Life is short. And here's something I want you to do: Tell the people you love that you love them! Very simple, yet very easy to forget. -HJS PS. My vintage shop, Perennial Vintage ◄ is having a 20% off sale November 26

Vintage Capes │ Holiday (Faux) Fur

I was going to write this really cool little post about this awesome vintage fur cape that I just listed in the shop. Except that it pretty much has now sold. (Lara, you're the best!) So, I'm going to plan B which is to still blog about how awesome this little cape is and hope I find more to put in my shop! (You know I will. Hello!) The color on this thing, perfection. The cut on this thing, perfection. The vegan fur awesome-ness (though there is SOMETHING to be said for real fur), perfection. Fur (real or not) is practically a winter/ holiday essential. So, cozy it up ladies. And I'm going back out to find more faux fur capes ... faux real!

Vintage Halloween │ Creepy Vintage Dresses

I'll admit it. I've come across some strange vintage clothing over the years. Particularly dresses. Don't know what designers have in mind when they mix patterns that don't belong within a two-mile radius of each other, or add accents like cotton ball shapes made of fabric, or fringe that never should've been fringe, but more like shag carpet. Regardless, there are also beautiful, perfect, vintage dresses too. And then there are the, "Where in the heck would I wear this one?" kind of dress. That's this dress. The one that looks like a widow would be wearing it. A dress for Sally Skellington. A dress for a funeral, or perhaps a really creepy cocktail party. Or the perfect dress if you're Wednesday Addams . YES!  Moral of the story? There really is a dress for all occasions. And sometimes, that occasion is on Halloween, in the dark of night, where only pale people tend to thrive. They may be named Morticia, or Elvira. Or maybe eve

Autumn │ Sweater Weather

Just got back a week or so ago from a New England trip. My first. The best! And won't be my last.  Boston is my new favorite city.  The weather was mild for October, but still cooler than Cali. It was literally perfect. Which meant that when the trees looked like this in Vermont, ↓ I was able to wear this. ↓ And when it looked like this in Kennebunkport, ↓ I was able to wear this. ↓ And when THIS happened (which happened more than a few times) ↓  Then naturally THIS happened. ↓ Coffee and Camo. Fixes everything. Have a great week friends! Pic 2:  Boots: Wolverine Pants: Target Sweater: Vintage Pendleton (NFS but I've got others similar here ◄) Pic 4:  Sweater and Plaid Shirt: Also, part of my vintage collection  (but more for sale here ◄) Jeans: Target Pic 6:  Camo shirt, Tommy Hilfiger Shoes: Target Bag: Filson  

In the Shop │ September

So, here in Sacramento, things stay pretty warm throughout most of September. This is fine and dandy for all of us Californians until the actual first day of Fall arrives, and everyone -- I mean everyone, including myself -- gets worked up into a frenzy wondering, When will this heat end? And I just want to wear pants and boots! And Why can't we just have some seasons around here? Yeah. We're pathetic. Really whiny at times, too. Well, guess what? I baked an apple pie in hopes this would usher in Fall (not at all because I want to eat this delicious thing that one could equate to heaven) and behold... this morning, it felt like Fall. Like for reals. The crispness. The it-won't-go-past-80-degrees- mark. And the I-can-wear-boots-and-not-die-of-heat-stroke, feeling. Fall is here. And in my shop, Fall is here too. I'm ready. Stocking up and stocked up. Take a look at what's going in or has gone in this weekend then visit the shop for more. Happy Autumn everyo

Wolverine Boots │ Gap Selvedge Denim │ Fall Must be Close

Okay. No joke I just met my most favorite pair of boots. Ever. Sure. They cost a few dollars more than the average pair. But let me tell you, these aint average. Oh, and they'll last pretty much forever. What are they? Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots. They consist of the softest, most perfect leather. Not kidding, here. They smell amazing too (I mean, before you wear them a ton). I had my nose in them all day Saturday. Also, these selvedge denim jeans by Gap ? Beyond killer. Beyond comfy. Get a pair! Here's a little run-down on what ► selvedge denim is in case you were wondering what the heck I mean. I'm thrilled Fall is around the corner. Even here in Sacramento, I can smell it in the morning. And it's a little bit of heaven.         Boots: Wolverine 100 Mile Boots ◄ Jeans: Gap Selvedge Denim ◄ Watch: Daniel Wellington ◄ And per my husband's request, this is HIS FJ 62, Land Cruiser you'