Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vintage Leather Purse │ Bohemian Hippie Purse

Yeah. So, this is one of those amazing finds. I've only sold three of this kind of vintage leather purses, this one being the third. The vintage hippie purses are getting more and more rare, and this one is a beauty. Thick, quality leather with numerous pockets and sections. It is gorgeous. And in near perfect condition, with only slight wear all around and a perfect patina on the bottom.

I'm in love ... Click here ◄ to take a look (before it's gone!).

Oh, and notice picture three. The only thing I found in this purse was a picture dating from 1975. It's a perfect snapshot (literally) of when the purse was last used and by whom. This is why I love vintage. Every item has a story to tell ...

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