Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vintage Cowichan Cardigan Sweater

So, I have this thing for vintage sweaters. That has been established. And I definitely have an affinity for wool sweaters, particularly of the quality variety, i.e. Pendleton, Filson, etc.

I was lucky enough (believe me, I was hyper-ventilating when I saw this) to snag this last year at a thrift store. It's hand made, made of wool, no tags. Looks to be from the 1960s.

Of the Cowichan style (a native-American tribe, which I believe is Canadian. Their sweaters are what began a movement of quality, thick, warm, amazing sweaters) this thing is THE warmest sweater I have ever owned.

This one isn't for sale. But, if you want one just as good, may I recommend you to Filson.
Click here ◄ for some gorgeous Cowichan sweaters.

Of course, Pendleton ◄ has some great ones too.

And for the right price, you have buy them on Etsy ◄.

You'll have yours for nearly a life-time or more.

Happy New Years Eve and Day, dear readers ...

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  1. Love this sweater! My boyfriend would call my giant sweaters my grandma sweaters... but they are the most comfy! And some of them are pretty cute like this one :)