Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vintage and Modern Clothing │ Blending the Old with the New │ 1950s Cardigan

So, you all know this blog is about the vintage things I find (and sell) and blending them with the new. Well, I just found this amazing 1950s cognac-colored cardigan sweater during my last vintage hunt. This cardi is beyond incredible. The buttons are ALL there (still!) and I think made of bakelite, the sweater itself is hole and stain-free, the sleeves are their 3/4 perfection, and the length is the cropped style that was so prevalant in the 50s. I can see Marylin Monroe wearing this.

Has classic and classy -- with a dash of pizzazz-- style written all over it.

Again, I love pairing the old with the new, and this outfit was one of my most favorite in recent weeks. The periwinkle blue and orange and perfect complimentary colors.

Jeans: Old Navy
Blue Thermal: Target
Cardigan: Vintage - @ Perennial Vintage

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