Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vintage 70s Dress │ GoGo Dress

This dress is adorable. And can I tell you how difficult it is to sell a dress that fits me? Yeah. Happens everyday. Sometimes you just gotta say no -- even when you don't want to. Yikes! It's tough. But, I don't have the closet room and truly, so many other people need to enjoy the treasures I find. That's sort of the point of me selling vintage. I want others to value, cherish and wear the very things I value, cherish and wear ... or want to wear.

I picture this lovely piece with tall boots --it's very go-go-ish. You know, it's a "Yeah, baby" Austin Powers kind of outfit. It's available in the shop! Click here◄ to see or buy it at my shop Perennial Vintage.

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