Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fringe Jacket Shawl By Downeast Basics │ Vintage 1960s Italian Bucket Hat │ California Style

So, this was a fun outfit to throw together.

I realized the other day that I didn't have a throw-on cardigan, one that was perfect for some of the milder California days of Fall and Winter. I did a little searching and found something incredibly cute. Have you heard of Downeast Basics? Here in Cali, we don't have any of these stores, but I found them online, via Instagram. I'm in LOVE with the fringe on this! Cardigan is not to heavy, somewhat lightweight, and super fun and stylish to wear.

The hat? Yeah, that's in my Etsy shop. It's Italian, from the 1960s, super velvety soft and so cute.

Again, mixing old with new makes some of the most unique outfits. I'd highly recommend it. :)

Hat: ◄ Vintage Italian Cloche Bucket Hat - in my shop, Perennial Vintage.
Jeans: ◄ Target (last year-similar here)
Top: ◄ Ross (last year -similar here)
Cardigan: ◄ Downeast Basics. Check them out! This is only $15 right now and flat-rate shipping of $3!

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