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90s Color-Block Sweaters │ Boy Band Era │ Vintage Sweaters

New Kids on the Block and N'Sync called ... they want their sweaters back.

Okay, if you're like most ladies reading this blog (or guys), you may not know who either of these groups really are. They're boy bands from the 90s. We have super stars of today from these groups, like actor Donnie Wahlberg  and of course pop-super-star and actor, Justin Timberlake

These boy bands were super-hot, super-ridiculous (naturally, which is why I and millions of other girls loved them all) and this sweater I'm wearing makes me think of them. I come across quite a few of them, and their sheer awesomeness is crazy.

Why do you need these sweaters? Here's a short list:

1. They're oversized. A perfect size and fit for your skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings.

2. The colors in color-block sweaters say, "Look at me. I'm awesome." No seriously. Color-block sweaters have color. That's what makes them stand out. And because they're "blocked," you get larger portions of vibrant color. Bam. So cool!

3. They look amazing. They're the focal point of your outfit for said reasons above.

4. Fashion is cyclical. And fashion is recycled in about twenty year phases. I know this, because I wore these sweaters roughly twenty years ago. And I sell vintage clothing now. So, if you hold onto this sweater, not only will you be cool wearing it when it's in now, but you'll be cool wearing something that's not as trendy ten years from now(trend-setter you!), and then cool again when it's back in in about the years 2034. So it's a win, win, win for you!

Very easy to pair them with today's style. So ladies, in the words of N'Sync, I'm going to find my color-block goodness, because "I want you back!"

Sweater: Perennial Vintage
Jeans: Target


  1. I love it! I am a big fan of sweaters in general. It seems my fall uniform is a sweater, jeans, and boots then repeat.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds


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