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Vintage Cowichan Cardigan Sweater

So, I have this thing for vintage sweaters. That has been established. And I definitely have an affinity for wool sweaters, particularly of the quality variety, i.e. Pendleton, Filson, etc. I was lucky enough (believe me, I was hyper-ventilating when I saw this) to snag this last year at a thrift store. It's hand made, made of wool, no tags. Looks to be from the 1960s. Of the Cowichan style (a native-American tribe, which I believe is Canadian. Their sweaters are what began a movement of quality, thick, warm, amazing sweaters) this thing is THE warmest sweater I have ever owned. This one isn't for sale. But, if you want one just as good, may I recommend you to Filson. Click here ◄ for some gorgeous Cowichan sweaters. Of course, Pendleton ◄ has some great ones too. And for the right price, you have buy them on Etsy ◄. You'll have yours for nearly a life-time or more. Happy New Years Eve and Day, dear readers ...

Russian Style Winter Vintage Hat

So, I normally don't wear hats. I was kind of a "I never wear hats"  type of person. Just not my thing. But, never say never. Because a few years ago, when I began selling vintage, hats sort of became a part of my life. Now, I love hats. I still don't wear a ton of them. I mean, I really have to be "feeling" it to wear one. And of course I wear a ball hat or something if I'm going to be in the sun all day. But, I must concede that hats can complete an outfit. This Russian looking one (it actually MAY be Russian, the thing is, I think it's a German pin on it. Hmmm ... more research needed.) is so perfect for staying warm and looking awesome. And it is definitely the real, vintage thing. It will be for sale in my shop tomorrow morning ... Hat: Perennial Vintage Shop ◄

Vintage Plaid Poncho Cape

You know what I really love? Capes. And cape-like coats; ponchos, shawls if you will. These items aren't worn much. Albeit, there are moments when for the dramatic flare, you'll see these for sale in haute couture lines. But, it's always seasonal, and they don't quite relate to the everyday person. I mean, we're not all Count of Monte Cristos who need to wear these when revenge is occurring. Nor are we living on a green isle where these coats look amazing against the natural backdrop. And you'd be crazy NOT to wear one there. You have to. Anyone would look great in one there, or in New Zealand with the Lord of the Rings. Okay, I'm tangenting. (◄ tangenting is NOT a word. I know...) No, capes are a hard look to pull off. Yet, this vintage cape is quite versatile. It's great for Fall and Winter, plus it isn't too long or overpowering to where you'll look like you just stepped out of the Victoria era. I paired it here with a modern beanie (from

Oh, Hey Girl Fun at Pumps and Push Ups

You guys, I'm super excited to be a co-host with Pumps and Push-ups!! If you haven't been to their website, well, you're just plain missing out. They do everything from Fashion and beauty, to fitness, health, nutrition and special features. Ladies, get to Pumps & Pushups and get to their site! Pumps & Push Ups is a one-stop-shop and learn expo! Feel free to link-up with your fabulous fashion finds. All I ask is you follow my blog, through Bloglovin' or otherwise, and you're good to go. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve. And isn't that buffalo plaid shirt I'm wearing awesome? You can dress it up or down. This one is vintage, so to me, it has an extra vibe of coolness to it that you just can't get with brand new. -H An InLinkz Link-up

Fringe Jacket Shawl By Downeast Basics │ Vintage 1960s Italian Bucket Hat │ California Style

So, this was a fun outfit to throw together. I realized the other day that I didn't have a throw-on cardigan, one that was perfect for some of the milder California days of Fall and Winter. I did a little searching and found something incredibly cute. Have you heard of Downeast Basics? Here in Cali, we don't have any of these stores, but I found them online, via Instagram. I'm in LOVE with the fringe on this! Cardigan is not to heavy, somewhat lightweight, and super fun and stylish to wear. The hat? Yeah, that's in my Etsy shop. It's Italian, from the 1960s, super velvety soft and so cute. Again, mixing old with new makes some of the most unique outfits. I'd highly recommend it. :) Hat: ◄ Vintage Italian Cloche Bucket Hat - in my shop, Perennial Vintage. Jeans: ◄ Target (last year-similar here) Top: ◄ Ross (last year -similar here) Cardigan: ◄ Downeast Basics. Check them out! This is only $15 right now and flat-rate shipping of $3!

Cozy Fall Outfit │ Loloelle Boutique

Isn't this casual outfit so comfy looking? Even on a rainy day, it was not only cozy but kept me warm. Which, let's face it, for me is really hard to do. I'm such a Californian. It's pathetic that I can't handle any cold. Necklace: ◄This beautiful treasure is from a beautiful boutique called Loloelle Boutique. Such classy stuff! I mean, really. Like. I sort of want everything they sell! I refrained and only bought the necklace. Leggings: ◄But being the cool company they are, they ALSO sent a free pair of fleece-lined leggings. Wow. Yeah. Major points in my book. They fit great and the fleece literally makes it feel like you're wearing sweatpants. Shoes: ◄ Okay, I JUST bought these at Target on clearance for 70% off. And they're still selling this same style in other colors. Yeah. Didn't think twice about snagging these. Sam and Libby Flat, with bow detail. Still available online too. Great deal! Sweater: ◄ Did you think I wouldn't add in s

Christmas Sale at Perennial Vintage Shop

Just so you know ...     Yeah. And even get your items by Christmas if you order by the 21st too. All shipping is upgraded to Priority free of charge. Visit today!

Baja Hoodies │ Mexican Pullover │ Cozy Blanket Surfer Sweatshirts

Okay ... so living in California, we see quite a few of these hoodies around. I mean, Mexico and Hawaii are where we Californians go for someplace warm and amazing (when we're not here , when it's warm and amazing.) And also, because we border Mexico, I come across quite a few of these wonderful sweatshirts at my thrift store treasure-hunting. Having said that, these hoodies literally FLY off my Etsy shelves when I list them. Everyone wants one. Why? Simple. They are darn cute. They are soft. They are cozy in a California surfing-style kind of way. And everyone looks good in one. The vintage ones are extra soft and cozy, and it really does pull a vibe that says "lets go to the beach and watch the sun set," even though the beach closest to me is cold, with very icy water right now. As gorgeous as San Francisco is, the beaches are cold. L.A beaches are what you want to keep warm. But, we'll keep with the surfer style, warm-beach thoughts. That's where I wa

Rain Boots │ Plaid Blanket Scarf │ Target Style

Okay ... so I really try to keep my Target fashion purchases to a minimum only because I'll see everyone in the same thing as me. However, I am thrifty. Love a sale. Love great fashion. And I live in Target. And as any mom will attest to this, I have lived -- and will live -- there for a very long time. But, the scarves were on sale today. I hadn't yet acquired a plaid, blanket-style scarf. And as most of the nation may know, California has been in a drought for three years. Rain? What's that. We only get an average of 22" a year. Last three years? About half that, each year. Yeah. Really bad. Really drought-like. So, when the wet stuff fell from the skies and has continued to, and making all of us Sacramentan's dance in joy -- doing our rain dance daily just to keep it coming -- I realized I was missing an essential: rain boots. Now, I REALLY want a pair of Hunter boots. Those are amazing. I still do. But, the budget doesn't allow for it right now with